måndag 2 maj 2011

NATURE AND MEMORIES / Hardanger Kunst Senter 2010

The modern man is looking to nature to enjoy the solitude, peace and tranquility. Alone in the forest, we get time for our own thoughts. Sometimes a place of melancholy and sorrow. Such dreams become a healing force for lost, troubled souls. But there is another side. Solitude in nature can be ugly and unmanageable, making us feel small and exposed. Like strangers. Do we, the modern urban people, find what we seek when we go out in the forests? Relaxation? Depth for the soul to breathe whitin? Or do we meet a self-sufficient, icy emptiness, filled with haunting birdsong?

The exhibition visualized the contemporary urban man's complex relationship with nature as an experience. Our romantic notion of nature as a sanctuary set against images of nature as a place of confusion and crisis. In the face of nature, we meet ourselves, but what happens to our natural experience if we can not face ourselves? Someone with a guilty conscience, will not be seeking refuge in forests, wrote John Burroughs in 1895. I will update this statement: With a guilty conscience, we go into the forests.

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